Thursday, July 10, 2003

deflationThe rise in mortgage rates nine-week high may signal and end to the low interest rate environment. If this is true then talk of deflation may soon switch to fears of inflation if monetary and fiscal policy has resulted in an over stimulated economy.
trading rangeThe market is now in a trading range from Nasdaq 1500 -1750. I expect a lot of resistance at 1750-1800 before the market finally move higher.

Saturday, July 05, 2003

hackingHacking contest to begin today!!!!!
open govHave u always wondered what our policians get up to. Check out the open gov project .....its a really great idea. Another good source is .

Friday, July 04, 2003

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SADDAMsaddam is talking on al jazeera........that is never a good thing for the markets.
BushToday President Bush used the term "outlaw regime". What is an outlawry regime? Apparently Iraq and Afghanistan qualified. The question the future to what degree with nations respect each others sovereignty?
CHINAIs there any benefit or risks to the US economy if China lets the yeun trade freely?

...well if the yeun get stronger against the dollar then chinese products become less competitive against the equivalent us product..........but i am not sure there is a lot of overlap between what i made in china and what is made in the usa.................on the other hand it would force up the price of chinese products and that would increase inflation.

it will be hard for anyone to compete against china in labor intensive industries

chinese internet stock are soaring at the moment.....check out iiji, sina, china and sohu.
KANAKANA, a leading provider of enterprise customer support and communications applications, will join the Russell 3000
CHINATARGET="zx">china is hot!!!!!!!
iraqanother us soldier killed today......

...the usa is facing a situation similar to what the brits faced in n. ireland
unemployment just rose to 6.4%

...this is typical of what happens rite at the END of a slow start looking for ur condo.........interest rates may be heading prices may drop..............

....however if it does rise about 6.5 we are headed for more trouble ahead

.....i think the 2nd half of the year will be good..........but that does not rule out a slow down in 2004.........that is the wild card at the moment.

.....all the pieces are now in place for growth in the economy but with growth comes increasing interest rates and that could quickly kill the growth that created it.......its a fine balance and only time will tell. sure to look for great financial news links at!!!